Choosing your wedding photographer

Possibly the most important decision you’ll make, when you’re planning your wedding day, is choosing your wedding photographer because they’ll play such an important part of your day and will be responsible for ensuring you have special memories of your wedding day

There are so many things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer and it can become mind-numbing to the point of stressing over such things as

  • How long will we need them
  • What time should they arrive
  • What time will the photographer leave
  • How do we get our photographs after our wedding day
  • How many photographs will we get
  • Can we make prints ourselves
  • Will our guests be able to download photographs or do they have to pay as well
  • Can we use the photo’s on Social media or do we need to pay extra
  • Is the price inclusive
  • What about travel / waiting charges
  • Do we have to feed them
  • Will they be friendly
  • I feel awkward being photographed

Let me put your mind at rest, you only have to make one decision and that’s which package meets your requirements? Everything is included in the price, there are no extras.

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