Your photographer, Colin

I received my first camera at the age of 10 and photography rapidly became my main hobby, which was further advanced when one of my school teachers was also very keen on photography and taught me how to process and print photographic images

When I left school, I had already decided that photography would be my profession and I attended Napier Uni for 3 years while also photographing weddings under the keen eyes of Tam & Andrew Swanson of Photo Express, in Edinburgh. I owe much to the now dececed Tam and the retired Andrew who taught me more about wedding photography, than I ever learned at Napier.

In 1999 I decided that with the advent of digital camera’s, it was time for the customer to benefit from the advance in technology and that was when I established Scot Wed Photos with the aim of providing a full service based on a one off fee for the job of photographing the wedding but not thereafter charging for prints – what used to be referred to as a dripping roast, in the photographic profession. I didn’t think it was fair to retain the copyright and forever charge for prints when the images were so easy to create and provide digitally.

For the first few years, I upset many professional photographers and my diary was full, for two years in advance. Soon many, many people discovered that the new technology enabled almost anyone to take half decent photos and there were suddenly hundreds of Wedding Photographers, as they call themselves, offering free or cheap photography “to build up their portfolio” although some just went on Google Images and downloaded whichever photos they wanted to use on their website!

So, there’s a flood of photographers to avoid and it’s vital that you do your homework to ensure you’ve booked a professional … and that means a professional Wedding Photographer … just remember that Uncle Jim or the friend at work, with a great new camera, doesn’t have a clue about wedding photography and if it all goes wrong, you’ve lost a family member or a friend at work 🙂